Rent Information

Rent Information

For information on rent payment options scroll down to find out more. Tenants can also request a rent statement or download a Declaration of Income form using the buttons below.



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Rent Payment Options


Cill Dara Housing Association has identified a number of payment options which provide tenants with simple and convenient methods of payment which if used correctly will help to prevent tenants from falling into arrears.

Tenants are required to pay their rent on time and in full. Failure to do so is a serious breach of your tenancy agreement and can lead to eviction.

All tenants are required to pay their rent via one of the follow payment methods.

1. Weekly or Monthly Standing Order

Standing orders can be set up via your own banks online banking service or by calling into one of their branches.

The following details must be given when setting up the standing order:

  • Day of week or month on which the standing order should be paid.
  • Frequency of payment – weekly, two weekly or monthly.
  • Payment Reference – you must provide your name and/or address e.g. PSmith1Hillgrove. If you do not provide an identifying reference your rent payment cannot be allocated to your rent account.
  • Cill Dara Housing Association bank account details. Please contact the office to confirm the bank details relevant to your tenancy.

You must ensure there are sufficient funds in your account on the day the standing order is to be paid otherwise no rent will be paid, you will fall into arrears and your bank will charge you for a failed payment.

2. An Post Household Budget Plan
The Household Budget Plan is a free service to tenants who are in receipt of social welfare payments which are paid through the Post Office. An agreed amount is deducted at the time of collecting your payment and paid to Cill Dara Housing Association in a weekly process. These deductions cannot be more than 25% of your total payment. Tenants interested in signing up to the Household Budget Plan can find further information here and should contact the office to discuss this payment option.
Tenants whose payments change after signing up to the Household Budget Plan and who are no longer receiving these payments at the Post Office must contact Cill Dara Housing Association immediately to notify us of the change and to confirm their new payment method. Please phone the office on 045 531 622 or contact us via this form.