Covid-19 Update for Tenants

Covid-19 Update for Tenants

While our office remains closed to our tenants and members of the public we will continue to be available to all tenants in this time of uncertainty and can be contacted by phone on 045 531 622.

Please also note the following:

At this time we are only able to respond to emergency repair requests.  All cyclical and planned maintenance is on hold until further notice.

If you have an emergency repair request please phone 087 674 1015.


If your income has been affected and you are worried about paying your rent please call Linda on 087 146 4485.

We understand that finances may be an issue for tenants while waiting for a social welfare payment to be processed and that rent reviews will be needed where the household income changes.  We will do our best to review each case as quickly as possible and handle each case in a sympathetic and understanding way to best support our tenants.

If you need advice or help on any other issues affecting you at this time please feel free to call Paul on 087 777 7463.