Emergency Repairs

Need to Report a Repair?

If you have an emergency repair, you can report this by calling us on 045 531 622.

We categorise emergency repairs as those which need to be carried out to avoid danger to the health and safety of the occupants or where a failure to carry out the repair could cause extensive damage to buildings and property.

Examples include

  • Loss of gas or water supply
  • Loss of electric power or unsafe electrical fittings or sockets
  • Loss of heating/ water heating where no alternative is available (during adverse weather)
  • External windows, doors or locks that are not secure
  • Blocked toilets where the is no other toilet in the property
  • A blocked sink, bath or drain

In some situations it may only be possible to attend and make the situation safe and secure pending further attendance and full completion of the repair during normal working hours.

Emergency repairs will be attended to within 24 hours of the repair being reported to us.

Reporting Urgent or Routine Repairs

You can report urgent or routine repairs by calling us on 045 531 622 or by completing the form on this website providing us with as much detail as possible.

Urgent Repairs – We categorise urgent repairs as those that may affect the comfort of tenants and may cause damage to the property if not reported and carried out urgently.

Examples of urgent repairs are a block outside drain, a leaking guttering, empty water tank loss of heating/ hot water (between February and October).

Urgent repairs will be completed within 5 working days of the repair being reported to us.

Routine Repairs – We categorise routine repairs as those that are not urgent or emergencies but may cause inconvenience to tenants.

Examples include

  • easing a sticking internal door or window
  • clearing a blocked gutter.

Routine repairs will be completed within 20 working days or the repair being reported to us.

Rechargable Repairs – We may recharge a tenant for failed visits where the repair cannot be completed because the tenant has not topped up essential supplies such as gas, oil or electric that needed to carry out the work or where the tenant is not at home at the time scheduled appointment.

We may recharge a tenant if following investigation the defeat has occurred due to wilful damage or neglect or as direct result of the omissions of a tenant, household member or visitors.

Examples include

  • toilets found to be blocked due to nappies, towels, wet wipes or other inappropriate items being placed in them
  • locksmith costs following loss of keys
  • broken windows/doors