Our Values

Our Values

Our values are integral to our success. They help us by shaping our behaviour and attitudes and are embedded into our service delivery and culture.

Cill Dara Housing Association lives by four core values and strives to ensure everything we do as an organisation and as individuals demonstrates these.


Our Core Values & Behaviours


Taking ownership and responsibility and learning from our successes and mistakes

We will:

  • Take ownership for our behaviour, performance, and quality of work
  • Work with colleagues and tenants to achieve positive outcomes
  • Take pride in our personal and professional development
  • Demonstrate flexibility and embrace change positively
  • Ask for help when it is needed and provide support to others
  • Celebrate our successes and use criticism constructively to improve


Showing that we value and care about our tenants and communities and expressing this through our words and actions

We will:

  • Act with integrity and professionalism
  • Care about what we do
  • Treat people with respect and dignity and create a positive and inclusive working environment
  • Be considerate about and understand the impact of our behaviour on others
  • Respect diverse views and perspectives and work collaboratively to meet the needs and aspirations of people from different backgrounds and experiences

Customer & Community Focused

Striving to deliver the right services that are high quality and customer-focussed by knowing people, understanding their needs, and making a difference to local communities

We will:

  • Know our tenants, identify their needs, and respond appropriately
  • Deliver on what we promise and be a role model for others
  • Focus on customer needs and do the best for them
  • Make positive contributions in the areas that we work to create and build on community cohesion and sustainability

View our Customer Charter for more information on how CDHA aims to deliver excellent customer service.

Open & Honest

Operating with integrity, fairness, and authenticity

We will:

  • Communicate clearly, with honesty and in a timely manner
  • Listen to people, respond appropriately and actively seek feedback
  • Develop and build trust through collaboration and confidence
  • Support innovation and creativity through the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and solutions